A Motor Repairer who specialises in older cars

We tailor our services around your needs
Our aim is not only to keep your classic running but also improve it so that your future motoring experiences are more enjoyable

Regular checkups and advice
Regular maintenance is the key to pleasurable motoring. Servicing is done by people who know and understand vehicles that were built back before the silicon chip was invented, know that parts do wear and fatigue, know what to look for so that the next period will not need a mobile phone to facilitate a rescue (still, don’t leave it at home, Murphy’s Law).
Classic Car Specialist
Classic Car repairs performed fall into many categories:
• Small, can be just tightening a loose screw
• Large, retro fitting a modern engine
• Slow, ground up restoration
• Fast, test a radiator cap
• Soft, replace a seat cushion
• Hard, a new cluster gear in the gear box
There is little the team has not done or cannot do
Modern Classic
The Modern Classics such as the MX5 or MGF fall easily under this Specialists umbrella, where as, the normal workshops now regard them as ‘hard to get parts for’ and ‘too much can go wrong’ this team welcome them into the fold.
MG Parts Supplier
Although The Sports Car Garage is the Major stockist of MG parts in Perth, the other makes are not abandoned. If parts are available every effort is made to supply, even importing from Europe or the USA. When those parts are no longer available a qualified in house engineer (the manager) is usually able to manufacture or modify a substitute.

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Car Repairs

We repair most makes and models of Classic sports & saloons, including the following;
AC ; Alfa Romeo ; American muscle ; Austin ; Caterham ; Cobra ; Chrysler ; Datsun ; Fiat ; Ford ; GMC ; Healey ; Jaguar ; Jensen ;  Kit cars ; Lotus ; Mini ; MG ; Morris ; MX5 ; Pre war ; Race cars ; Reliant ; Riley ; Rover ; Sunbeam ; Triumph ; TVR ; Westfield ; Wolseley ;